Sohel Anwar, Ph.D., P.E.
Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Director, Mechatronics and Autonomous Research Laboratory (MARL)

School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
A Purdue University School
723 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
Room: SL 260F

Phone: (317) 274-7640
Fax: (317) 274-9744

Sohel Anwar is a Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) at IUPUI. He is also the director of Mechatronics and Autonomous Research Lab (MARL). He has over 27 years of combined academic and industry R & D experience in the general area of mechatronics, automation, and controls. His research program is focused on Hybrid and Electric vehicle powertrain control and optimization, Li-Ion battery diagnostics / prognostics / fast charging control, Autonomous vehicle simulation and control, novel sensor development and fusion, and smart novel medical devices. His research efforts directly resulted in founding a medical devices company and two patents (one pending). He is currently the CEO and vice president of the company which has received an NIH STTR Phase I grant. The company has innovated a new technology called QSTM (Quantifiable Soft Tissue Manipulation) which is poised to set a new paradigm in manual therapy with real-time analytics available to the practitioners during a treatment session. Professor Anwar has published more than 150 peer-reviewed journal, conference papers, book chapters, and eBook. He is also an inventor or co-inventor on 15 US patents (with 1 currently pending). He has supervised the research work of more than 60 current/former graduate students (12 PhD, 49 MS). Of his 51 former graduate students (4 PhD, 47 MSME), most are now working in the industry, and one is a tenure-track faculty. Dr. Anwar's past and recent research projects were supported by the grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH), Department of Defense (US Army), Department of Energy (DoE), Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Developments (IOEDD), Cummins Inc., and many other Industry partners. His external research funding to date from these agencies exceeds $3.7M of which $1.85M was awarded to him as the Principal Investigator (PI). He is also the recipient of a visiting faculty fellowship from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Anwar earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Controls in 1995 from the University of Arizona. He received the highest distinction in his undergraduate BSME degree. His research is currently funded by US Army, NIH, and Cummins. He is a member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and a faculty advisor for SAE student chapter at IUPUI. He is on the editorial board of three international journals, including IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

Prof. Anwar's CV
Research Interests
  • Perception and Control for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Novel Sensor Development and Data Fusion
  • Biomechanical Device Design and Control
  • Power / Energy Management of Electrified Powertrains
  • Advanced Diagnostics / Management of Large Capacity Batteries
  • Fault Tolerant X-By-Wire Systems
  • Wind Turbine Modeling and Control

Current Research Projects at MARL

Courses Taught (Selected)

  • ME 50104 Powertrain Integration
  • ME 50105 Hybrid and Electric Transportation
  • ME 50400 Automotive Control
  • ME 57201 Analysis and Design of Robotic Manipulators
  • ME 57301 Air Pollution and Emission Control
  • ME 58901 Optimal Design of Mechatronic Systems: Robots and Interactive Structures
  • ME 48200 / ECE 38200 Controls System Analysis and Design
  • ME 34001 Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
  • Recent Graduates


      • Ahmed Alotaibi (PhD, August, 2021). Dissertation Advisor. PhD Research Topic: Polymer Nanocomposite-Based Wide Band Strain Sensor for 3D Force Measurement using Piezoelectric and Piezoresistive Data Fusion. Currently with the University of Taif, Taif, Saudi Arabia.
      • Sourav Pramanik (PhD, May, 2021). Dissertation Advisor. PhD Research Topic: A Study of Energy Management in Hybrid Class-8 Truck Platoon Using Multi Agent Optimization. Currently with Tata Technologies - North America, Detroit, MI.
      • Nazmuzzaman Khan (PhD, May, 2021). Dissertation Advisor. PhD Research Topic: Novel Entropy Function Based Multi-Sensor Fusion in Space and Time Domain: Application in Autonomous Agricultural Robot. Currently with Raven Industries, Sioux Falls, SD.
      • Majid Deldar (PhD, August 2016). Dissertation Advisor. PhD Research Topic: Decentralized Multivariable Modeling and Control of Wind Turbine with Hydrostatic Drivetrain. Currently with Bosch-Rexroth USA, Greenville, SC.
      • Stamat Stamatov (PhD, August 2008). Dissertation Committee Member, University of Detroit Mercy. PhD Research Topic: Modeling and Control of Quarter Vehicle Suspension with a Semi-active Actuator. Last known employer: dSPACE, Inc., Wixom, MI.


      • Rashed Doha (MSME, May, 2022). MS Thesis Research Topic: Crop Row Identification for Autonomous Steering of Agricultural Sprayers via Deep Learning.
      • Tayabali Kesury (MSME, May, 2022). MS Thesis Research Topic: Radar Modeling for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Environment Using Open Source.
      • Iman Fakhari (MSME, December, 2021). MS Thesis Research Topic: Computer Vision Based Robust Lane Detection via Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Technique.
      • Ashwin Kanap (MSME, May, 2022). MS Research Topic: Lane Detection System Based on OpenCV.
      • Omkar Parkar (MSME, May, 2021). MS Thesis Research Topic: Optimization of the Total Cost of Ownership of a Range Extended Electric Vehicle.
      • Harsh Saksena (MSME, August, 2021). MS Thesis Research Topic: Robust Object Detection through a Fuzzy Logic based Fusion of Data from a 2D Lidar and a Stereo Camera.
      • Salah Hasan (MSME, May, 2019). MS Thesis Research Topic: Design Optimization of a Diesel Engine Particulate Matter (PM) Filter Soot Load Sensor.
      • Rushil Patel (MSME, December, 2020), MS Research Topic: Electrochemical Model-Based Capacity Fade Prognosis of Li-Ion Battery Coupled with an Empirical Model by Supplying HPPC Current.
      • Carolina Cardona (MSME, May, 2019). MS Research Topic: Optimal design for Deployable structures using origami tessellations.
      • Sohin P. Shah, (MSME, December, 2018). MS Research Topic: Modeling and Control of an Agricultural Robot.
      • Aryan Asgharifard, (MSME, August, 2018). MS Thesis Research Topic: Modeling and Control of Integrated Hydrostatic Drive Wind Turbine and CAES.
      • Arun C. Shekar (MSME, May 2017). MS Thesis Research Topic: Real-Time Estimation of State-of-Charge Using Particle Swarm Optimization on Electro-Chemical Model of Single Cell.
      • Sai Krishna Prabhala (MSME, August 2016). MS Research Topic: Design of an Electro-Mechanical Device for Knee Loading Applications.
      • Sandeep Korupolu (MSME, August 2016). MS Research Topic: Development of an Under Actuated Robotic Knee Loading Device.
      • Ahmed Alotaibi (MSME, May 2016). MS Thesis Research Topic: Development of a Mechatronics Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) Device to Quantify Force and Orientation Angles.
      • Ashiqur Rahman (MSME, August 2015), Controls Engineer, Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL. MS Thesis Research Topic: Electrochemical Model Based Fault Diagnosis of Lithium Ion Battery.
      • Sourav Pramanik (MSME, May 2015). MS Thesis Research Topic: Charge Optimization of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric-Vehicle Application.
      • Bibin Patel (MSME, December 2014). MS Thesis Research Topic: An Evaluation of the Moving Horizon Estimation Algorithm for Online Estimation of Battery State of Charge and State of Health.
      • Masoud Vaezi (MSME, August 2014). MS Thesis Research Topic: Modeling and Control of Hydraulic Wind Power Transfer Systems.
      • Ragibul Huq (MSME, August 2014). MS Thesis Research Topic: Development of a Novel Sensor for Soot Deposition Measurement in a Diesel Particulate Filter Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography.

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